Why do we live and work in Wynyard

Why do we live and work in Wynyard

I love living in a small community... I love walking down the street seeing familiar faces, smiling and chatting with those I know ( though it does make going to the supermarket a longer process 😉)

I love that people in this community have looked after my kids, invested time and value into their lives, looked out for them, laughed with them.. been part of providing them with such an amazing childhood.... one that is easily taken for granted.

These thoughts have been mulling in my mind as I’ve been thinking about the story of Chille, why do we exist and why are we here.

There are a few practical things. But 3 is my favourite...  so this is some of part of who we are from my perspective.

1. I like pretty things!  I love giving pretty things,  I love how a space makes you feel when you wake up and the sun shines in and a space is clean and you feel welcome.   I love sharing conversation with friends over a nice cheese platter, and a glass of wine.  I like the things that make beautiful moments special.  

2.  I like to wear pretty things, even though I’m a big dag and love wearing my uggs, trackies and that comfy jumper I’ve  had for years.. I also like to feel good about myself and not have it dependent on my size or age... because if I think I have to be size 10 and 17 to be beautiful, I will never feel like I’m worth anything.  A smile worn with a spark in your eye and a piece of clothing that suits your shape, lets you forget what you look like and helps you concentrate on the moment you’re in and enjoy the people you do life with.  What  could be more important?

3.  I value this place... and just because we live on a island at the edge of the world.. doesn’t mean we are backward, there’s no future and we cant do things well... I love how this town and region provides an abundance of high quality food, exceptional creative talent and the genuine character of people, who care and are just good people... not perfect... but make this place the amazing place it is.

So really what is our story?  I want the people I care about to feel good, I want to share in their stories, hear about their lives, help them share their love when gift giving, empower them to feel confident with who they are.  I want to laugh with them, cry with them... just be part of what make this place amazing... our community... it is such a privilege to be apart of this place.. Something I am for ever grateful for.  Thank you so much for supporting us and allowing us to be part of you.  Xxx Rachille 

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Every time I enter the store I am always greeted by name and a smile which make you feel like a special customer. I too love Wynyard and defiantly support local. In saying that, even if this shop wasn’t in my home town i would commute as the range is for all shapes and sizes from Elegant to Casual and Surf Wear. Your extensive range on home wares are amazing and always on trend.
Congratulations on providing our township and tourists with a one stop and enjoyable shopping experience :)

Briana Hutton

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