Essential oils and sleep

Essential oils and sleep

Sometimes life can be very busy.  Racing the kids to school and after school activities, working, looking after ageing parents.  Whatever your situation there can be times when our minds won't shut down and rest.

One solution to helping your mind and body relax prior to going to sleep is to have a warm bath with essential oil bath salt.

For thousands of years, salt baths have been uses as medicinal therapies. Soothing warm baths allow you to switch off your mind and relax.

Using essential oils can stimulate areas of you limbic system, which is part of brain that plays a role in emotions and behaviours, it also plays a role in controlling functions such as breathing and heart rate.

Combining mineral rich salt with essential oils with the ritual of slowing down, relaxing and disconnecting can help you relax and get a good nights sleep.

Each essential oil brings different qualities to the bathing experience and we have specifically used particular essential oils to help you relax and unwind.

Our Mabel and Meg Floral Bath 2 salts contain

Ylang Ylang - believed to relieve depression, relax the body and have antiseptic properties that inhibit microbial growth and increases libido.

Petigrain oil - known to be an antidepressant, ease muscular aches

Frankincense oil -  known to to alleviate stress and relieve pain, treat dry skin and boost immune system

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