5 Things to do around Wynyard

5 Things to do around Wynyard

I always find its really easy to continue to your destination and miss out on discovering some of the amazing places on the way.

Wynyard is a small coastal town that is brimming with friendly locals, surrounded by beautiful beaches, farmland and wilderness. 

  1. Boutique Shops and Cafes - Wynyard is filled with business with friendly locals.  You can find a wide range of food with us having a Paleo Cafe, Bakery with award winning pies, Fantastic Pizzas and local counter meals.
    We have a Providore with local produce from the region, Eclectic and local made homewares and clothing stores... We also have a  selection of op shops which you never know what you will find and a local market that runs Fri-Sun.  There is of course much more to discover as you wonder along the street-  There is also free parking giving you time to wander.
  2. Table Cape Lookout - an easy 5 min drive out of the Wynyard township through green farmland... You will see fields of potato's, poppies, beef and dairy cows grazing and deer.  Depending on the time of year you visit you may even glimpse crops of tulips or other flowers.  Once on the top of Table Cape you will be rewarded with vast views of our beautiful coast line.  There is a lookout out and a walk that wanders along the  top of the cape to the light house.  This is an easy 20 minute walk with the only stairs being at the lookout end so if you are wanting to do the walk with a pram or wheelchair starting from the light house end of the track is best.
  3. Boat Harbour Beach/Sisters Beach - If you continue your drive along the cape you will follow the coast to meet the highway where you can continue on to exploring Boat Harbour Beach and Sisters Beach.  These are stunning beaches with little villages that enjoy a coastal lifestyle... Don't be surprised if there is a winter storm and the locals are out surfing.  In summer locals gather and enjoy the waves.   There are a number of walks around these areas.Boat harbour beach Tasmania
  4. Fossil Bluff - Amazing sandstone cliffs with fossils embedded in the rocks  It’s the discovery site of Australia’s oldest fossil marsupial uncovered in the mid 19th century estimated to be approximately 25 million years old. Visitors can expect to see and touch several hundred different types of fossils preserved in the rocks.  If you wander along the rocks towards the cape at low tide a  small cave can be found.  Be wary of the tide as you can get trapped with cliffs behind you and tide coming in.   
  5. Watch the little penguins come ashore - the Little Penguin is the smallest Penguin... Populations can be found along the coast.  At Wynyard we have a population near Doctors Rocks... They are in their biggest numbers between Oct-April.  And best watched as they come ashore at dusk.
    Please respect this natural experience. Use only a dim torch with a red light (Cellophane over the lens is fine) and don't touch penguins.   For more info on caring for our Penguins visit Parks and Wildlife

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