Inside look at a North West Tasmanian home

Inside look at a North West Tasmanian home

Are you like me and enjoy a sticky peep at peoples homes?  Do you think "oh I like that outfit"?  I am finally going to start a series on the homes and favourite outfits of some of our lovely local people.  I have been wanting to do this for a couple of years and to be honest I wasn't confident that I would be able to capture the pictures the way I wanted too.  But I decided I am prepared to give it a go...

To start with I am going to give you a sneak peak and Jan's home.  Jan has collected a large range of furniture from family members and decorates in an eclectic but stylish manner... First up is the spare bedroom that Matt and I lived in while building (grateful daughter-in-law).  The bedroom looked nothing like this while we were staying instead it was piled high with clothes and our stuff that we needed to live whilst staying there... I must say it is much improved after the removal of us and our stuff...

Jan has a collection of old mirrors on the wall.  Greg must be mentioned at this point, its because of his picture hanging skills and brilliance that makes the room look good! (Brownie points for mention?)


Jan is a bit of a collector and has some awesome finds in her collection... One of these are a set of fencing helmets..

One of my favourite pieces is the piano... This is one thing I hope to find the time to learn how to do.


The last photo is a big pile of wood,  why you ask.. well Jan really feels the cold and loves a blazing fire, its a bit of a family joke that Greg usually comes in when its warm and toasty and complains how overly hot it is and threatens to start striping his clothes off in protest!  As you could imagine the fire is turned down in haste as there are just some things visitors must not see!!..  Rachille xx

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