Mothers Day breakfast

Mothers Day breakfast

May 06, 2014

Mothers Day is different for everyone.. Some of us will be feeling sad as our Mothers aren't with us any more, others will be celebrating Mothers day for the first time. 
I was thinking our familys traditions while in the shower this morning,  I really love gift giving.. I love it when I think that I have found that perfect gift and get really excited.  We have always encouraged our kids that the gift is not about the dollar value and their hand made gifts were just as special. 
Because of that, we have encouraged them to make breakfast in bed on special occasions.  When they were little they received help from the other adult in the family (otherwise the toast was black the tea had 10 sugars).  As they have grown older our daughter has taken over the responsibility of breakfast in bed.  She loves making things beautiful for us.
While thinking about our breakfast in bed tradition I realised that it is really only for a short time, the first few years are really about teaching them that its not all about them and that its nice to make other people feel special.  The next few years are filled with excitement and celebration as they independently master skills and burst into your bedroom wearing a big grin, proud as punch at their amazing breakfast they prepared.
Then at some point this will come to an end.  They will start to sleep in longer than you, then they will move out and probably forget about you until lunchtime and eventually they may become parents themselves.
So this year I am going to make a conscience effort to savour the moment.  This will be my 15th year as a mother celebrating Mothers Day I can see that it wont be long and I will be moving into the next phase of parenting and starting to let my children go as they start to become independent beautiful adults.
Hoping that where ever your journey is at, you will enjoy a beautiful Mothers Day.  Rachille xxx


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