Autumn colour

One of the things I love about living in Tasmania is the changers and contrasts of the seasons.  Getting to snuggle up in boots and scarves in autumn/winter and on summer days wondering along the beach in shorts and a tshirt.

  We have some beautiful clothing in store and we decided to play dress ups.. Kelsea was dragged from behind the computer out the back and I grabbed my camera and we headed outside to have fun.


So snuggle up in some place warm and ejoy a little Autumn inspiration..

Green Gloves

Beautiful Leather gloves $70.  We have a range of colours and styles instore.


Red Vigorella Top

This photo is taken under the big Oak Tree out the back.  It is a huge tree.  I often think the sad thing about building on a block of land is there are no big trees for kids to climb and swing off.   But this tree is really big and would leave no room for a house and would have been cut down.. Its great that we have these public places for these monsters to grow,  hmmm just imagining a tree house as an option... Now that would be cool!

  Kelsea is wearing the Vigorella Rib Skivvy poncho

I has a beautiful button detail and cowl neck, more details here


We liked styling Kelsea up.. we even grabbed a flower from Patreena's Flower Studio to throw casually in her hair (Jan had to do it.. I had no idea)

Boom Shankar Dress

Mesop Tights

Hinako Margo Boot $154 more details here


Teal Vigorella top

While we were taking photos, the kids turned up with Molly our cute little dog.

We couldnt resist we just had to take a photo with Molly starring.

Kelsea is wearing

Vigorella checkers one pocket cropped top $129 available in Petrol and Purple

More details here


Vigorella Teal top

 Hope you have a great week..... Rachille

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