We love Foil Clothing at Chille

We love Foil Clothing at Chille

One of our favourite brands at Chille is Foil... with the philosophy of designing beautiful clothes that make you fell good and stand the test of time.

Focusing on innovative craftsmanship and premium fabrics...believing the finer details are what counts

With styles that will last from season to season..they use premium New Zealand merino and natural fibres such as ramie, cotton and linen, and innovative synthetic fibres, made to last

Designed in New Zealand in Christchurch in collaboration with local and international artist to develop bespoke printed fabrics.

FOIL's Spring summer collection, Sienna, is inspired from the Adriatic Coast, with colours and shapes colliding creating a fresh perspective.

Linen dress are light and cool, perfect for wandering markets under the warm summer sun, where dinner is enjoyed outdoors.. Filled with colours of clementine, azure and pops of pink. The art galleries, the ocean, the abundance of fresh seasonal produce and aperitifs before tea, where long summer days that never seem to end is where this collections inspiration begins and ends.

Foil spring summer 2021 sample 

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