Valentines day Ideas

We all express our love to our favourites in different ways... For some its going for a walk and talking about the days events, for others we cook our love their favourite meal, others appreciate being told how much we love them, some spoil their love with gifts and others love, touch and affection.

For most of us we love a bit of all of the above..  It doesn't have to be hard work, it doesn't have to be expensive... but it does need to be authentic and I think when its special and we are caring about what the other person might like, its sure to be a winner.

Here are some our favourite ideas... 

Breakfast in bed
Grab some croissants and juice or coffee/pot of tea
Breakfast on tray


Go for an explore

We think grabbing the hand of the one you love and going for an explore in nature is a good start.  There may be some waterfall you might like to see or a trip ocean side with your feet in the sand.


holding hands
Enjoy a Picnic
Grab a picnic blanket and a few cushions and pack the picnic basket with a few treats and a bottle of wine.
 It can even be your favourite take away
Couple enjoying a pizza at the beach
Slow down and Dream together
 Relax and spend some time talking about your dreams, could be a holiday a creating a cosy space in your home.
couple at picnic reading a book
Watch the waves and the sun go down
 Find your favourite spot, cuddle up and watch the birds, the waves and the changing landscape as the sun says goodbye for the daycouple watching the sunset
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