Table Cape walk

Image of top of Table Cape
Living in Tasmania has a lot of benefits.... Wide open spaces and gorgeous coastline...
Being active is part of any healthy lifestyle... And I don't mean, go for a run everyday lets get fit kind of commitment,  but more let's take the dog for a walk, or climb that hill kind of active.  
We are really lucky to live in Tasmania.   Even though it's not a super warm climate we get access to a wide range of experiences... Bush walks in the snow, water skiing on big lakes surrounded by bush, surfing, sailing, bike riding if your up for it and of course fantastic fresh food.  The best thing is that all these things are really close and accessible.
Last weekend we took the dog for a walk along the track between Table Cape lighthouse and the lookout.  This is about a 10-20 min walk each way.  Table Cape is an old vulcano that has a plateau at the top.  It's about 185 meters high and the cliff drops off to the ocean below.  From the lookout on a clear day you can see Low Head which is about 175 kms away.  It's a pretty nice place to hang out.  
Over the next couple of weeks tulips will start to bloom ready for the local Tulip Festival which is held the second weekend of October.  These are planted across the farmland on the plateau and make a magic view.
Here are some photos of our day out.
Cliff face Table Cape Wynyard
Please note this area is not on the track.. I have grown up with many friends that have climbed up and down the cape.  This is a high risk activity and not recommended.
view from Table Cape Wynyard

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