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Layering Women's clothing for Winter in Tasmania

How we layer our clothing in Tasmania

Are you coming to Tasmania in the off season....Most Australians think of Tasmania as cold... Sometimes I would want to argue the point.. But the reality is that Tasmania can get cold (perfect for mulled wine and fire pots) ... The key to enjoying life on our little Island is layering.

One of the key pieces in my winter wardrobe is the merino long sleeve tee.  There are 2 main ways that we wear this winter staple.... Either hugging your body close or a looser more basic tee style. Either way, this works great as a first layer... and as the knit is very fine, the tee doesn't add any bulk to you look.  

Over this you add one of your middle layers... usually a tee, shirt or top, then of course what comes next is a cosy knit.. Either a jumper or cardigan...If you are braving a windy day walking the dog on the beach, you of course will need a beanie and a scarf and probably a coat...I know I've lost count to how many layers there are?  But you probably see the point... we need a few.

But the point is when you layer up you can totally enjoy the Tassie Winter. And in fact you may even be surprised how much you like it.  After all there is truely something special about eating slow cooked feasts, playing in the snow, searching for waterfalls and talking long into the night around a blazing log fire with a glass of wine.

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