Going Green - How to care for your Indoor Plants

Going Green - How to care for your Indoor Plants

Having indoor plants is a big trend at the moment.  Not only do they look good but they are good for you, cleaning the air in your home.  But as lovely as they are, houseplants are one of the more intimidating parts of the home decor.  After all, when was the last time your lounge wilted?

So if your ready to go green, follow the simple steps below.


Know your Light

All plants need light and its important to know what type of light your home receives before selecting your plants for your home.  Windows with northern exposure get hot, bright light, perfect for succulents and cacti.  Western exposure brings hotter light and is great for some sun-loving varieties.  Southern facing windows generally receive even light through out the day making it perfect for plants that are sensitive to the sun and Eastern exposure gets great light in the morning that is not as harsh as afternoon sun, which is great for a variety of indoor plants

monstera       snake plant  philodendron





Water Accordingly

One of the biggest mistakes gardeners make is either over watering or under watering a plant.  Do your research and understand what your particular plant needs.

If your an inconsistent waterer, get plants that tolerate being neglected.  Snake plants, cacti, succulent all cope well with being forgotten every now and then.


The main thing is to give it a go.  Your home and your health will be better for it.

I am consistently adding to my collection of indoor plants, after a going a year or 2 keeping mine alive based on these tips. Whats your favourite indoor plant? 

Rachille xxx


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