Weekend in Pictures

Weekend in Pictures

Well for us it has been a long weekend in little old Wynyard... Jan has been enjoying a family wedding in Canberra and we decided to get out after all the rain we have been having... First on the list was a trip to Stanley and Dip Falls... We always enjoy the drive and the day out in Stanley,  first we stopped at Dip Falls for a picnic lunch and then a shot walk to the big tree.  Then on to Stanley for a quick ride up on the chairlift and short wander to the lookout followed by an icecream in town.

Saturday for me was spent in the shop and merchandising some new stock that has come in (always fun) while Matt and the Kids enjoyed the first day of sailing, we are so fortunate to have access to this great activity right on our doorstep.  In the evening we enjoyed a girls night at a friends watching movies.

Sunday was such a nice day... first of I kicked it off with a walk along to the foreshore market where I collected some apples, pears and a few tomaoto plants.  Then the day was spent in the garden planting out some vegies.  Cucumber, Zuccini, Capsican, Chilli and Celeray were on todays list.  Then the boys hit the beach for a paddle while I sat back and enjoy a wine. Hope your weekend was fabulous.

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