5 Garment Care tips to make your clothes last longer

5 Garment Care tips to make your clothes last longer

5 tips for helping your clothes last longer

Dont you hate it when you favorite piece of clothing in the wardrobe has to move to the gardening clothing section!

I totally do... So what can we do to exted the life of our clothing so we get more wears and the pieces look better for longer?

One of the things I'm totally guilty of is coming home from work and start cooking in my favourite top and then find that I have managed to get some sort of food or oil splatter on my clothing.

Tip 1

So tip number 1 is to either change before cooking  as this also prevents any food odors getting into the clothing or wear an apron... (makes me feel like my grandma, but it totally works)

Tip 2

Wash Less.. Washing your garments too often can cause damage to the fibres and decrease the lifespan of your clothing.  Other ways to freshen up your clothing is to hang the piece either outside in the fresh air or in the shower to to get all steamed up

Tip 3

Air Dry! Nothing quite like the smell of clean clothes coming in from the washing line.  Not only does it smell great and is better for your clothes, by not damaging fibres but the big bonus is its better for the planet and uses no electricity.

Tip 4

Treat stains straight away. Stains are easier to remove when they havent set into the fabric.  Blotting the stain with a clean sponge is recommended instead of rubbing it in, as this will only force it deeper into the fabic.

Tip 5

Wash your clothes inside out with the zips and closures closed.  This helps to protect the colour and helps to stop snagging and pulls in the machine.

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