Necklines and styles for big busted women

Necklines and styles for big busted women

If you have a generous bust... you know the pain of button down shirts gaping and some neck lines making you bust look like it meets your navel.... like really is that the look us big busted girls want...Not me... So here is some tips for those big busted girls out there


A V neck is the most flattering neckline for you.... especially if you want to make them look smaller... The key is to break up the distance from the chin to the bottom of the bust... This gives the appearance of the bust looking smaller but the girls sitting higher... win win.  Wearing a high neckline like a crew neck makes the bust appear like its sitting lower because there is no skin to break up the distance

The V- neck is also perfect for those girls who don't have much of a natural waist or who are a bit more curvier (read larger) round the waist.  The V-neck draws the eye in and styles like the wrap dress are flattering for both big busts and tummies.

Scoop Neck

Very similar to the V-neck is the scoop neck... this is a common neckline that suits us big busted gals... A very deep, low scoop actually makes the bust look smaller, but is more likely to create a rounder silhouette.. so a V-neck is preferable for those of us with a bigger tummy because it creates angles which are more slimming... But we can still work the scoop neck.

Cowl Neck

A cowl neck is another option and creates a soft drape that minimises the bust... just don't go to bulky... we want to minimise the bust area not bulk it up.  A cowl neck is also flattering for those gals waning to camouflage the tummy area.. The interest of the neckline and fabric distracts away from the tummy area.

Adding A Jacket

Another hot tip is to wear a jacket or cardigan that creates that V-neck affect,  we recommend one that is to the waist or longer rather than a crop style... This will apply to tops as well.  The volume of your bust tends to make your tops shorter and if it isn't designed to accommodate your chest it may become too short and you will spend your time pulling your top down and feeling exposed.

We also want to look at creating good proportions... A short top or jacket will unbalance you and will further enlarge your chest.  It can unbalance you by making your torso look short and create the illusion that your chest meets your waist


Another option for those ladies that live in colder climates... Like me, lets face it there are some days when the wind is blowing and the temperature has dropped and any bare skin needs to tucked away from the elements... is to use accessories.... so adding a necklace that has that V shape and that sits at a similar length to a V-neck top helps to give a similar affect.. Another favourite is to add a scarf.  This has a similar affect to the cowl neck and when its cold out there makes an enormous contribution to keeping you warm.  Add a jacket with a V Shape and you will be toasty warm...

So to sum up in quick point fashion, these styles are great for us ladies with bigger bust

  • V-Necks
  • Scoop Necks
  • Cowl Necks
  • Use accessories 
  • Use Jackets and Cardigans with V neckline
  • Think about proportions and use longer tops


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