Coastal Village beach house

Turn of the main road and head down a windy road for 15 minutes and you are greeted with this lovely site. 
Surrounded by bush and national park this little village is remarkably beautiful.  Here the local children meet at the creek and learn to swim surrounded by friends, jumping off the bridge into the teatree stained creek or surfing in the waves of the ocean.  It is here in this beautiful place that Jaclyn and her family have made there home.
Jacklyn and her family have moved homes a number of times in the local are but were driven back to this lovely place by Jacklyns husband Jarrods need to be by the beach.  To come home from work and walk out your door to this is nothing short of spectacular you would say.
  Their dwelling is a little shack nestled only a moments walk from this beautiful beach.   Next to the shack is a little studio, here Jacki can paint to her hearts content.  The studio floor is covered in vibrant colours dripped on the floor as Jacki swirls and swishes and creates.
Jacklyn has been working as an art teacher since qualifying at the University of Tasmania but relishes her time out to create her own work.
Recently she had an exhibition at one of our beautiful local cafe's Bruces..  The opening was filled to the brim, with most of her pieces selling on the night and few commission works being ordered.
Prior to focusing on her painting

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