The Call of Home

The Call of Home

Welcome to The Gums, Michelle our lovely and talented home owner returned home to Tassie after a stint on the mainland.  Michelle had the joy of Project Managing renovations to her Great Great Grandmothers home built in 1870.  Five generations of her family have lived in this house.




Oozing style Michelle has effortlessly draped throws and rugs around.





The house features artwork from Tasmanian artists including Margaret Brown, Nigel Lazenby and Jan Suter



The home features Tasmania Sassafras timber bespoke doors and cupboards and lighting designed by Michelle




It always amazes me the hidden talents many people have.  I had no idea that Michelle could play the piano and the guitar.  But I did know that some exciting things were happening in her world.  Michelle has just recently released an App focusing on reading comprehension.  As part of her PHD Michelle embarked on the journey of researching if students can make learning gains using App technology.  Recently Michelle flew to America for the International Conference of Technology in Education where she presented a talk on her App.  The conference was attended by about 20,000 people. 

The App features a book that Michelle rewrote.  Beautifully animated it features reading strategies that are normally delivered face to face embedded in the story.  The story works as a bridging text between a picture book and a chapter book helping students to decode words and understand the meaning of the text.

To check the App out click on the link Billy Possom App






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