Morning tea with Tara Dennis

Morning tea with Tara Dennis

This morning I was in the right place at the right time and was fortunate to enjoy morning tea with Tara Dennis and about 10 others.

Tara was very approachable and engaging, the atmosphere was very relaxed and conversation flowed freely.

Some of the topics discussed this morning were the up and coming trends, how Tara goes about her product design and her process for designing rooms for others.

One of her processes of preparing herself is to create a visual diary or scrapbook for herself, she collects images from magazines and compiles them all together.  When she does this she often sees an emerging thread or pattern arise.  Tara then uses this as a basis for her designs.

An  example of this is with the emerging trend of black and white..  By collecting a large selection of images that appeal, that contain elements of black and white, you can then start to get inspiration to develop different concepts.  

The images can be from a wide range of sources, including fashion and home magazines. 

I really enjoyed the conversation, and loved being around someone who is passionate about what they do..  It's always inspiring..  Hope you are enjoying your week.

Totally wishing I still had my scarf on and some lipstick on my lips.. Oh well living in the moment.


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