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Woven tubs Natwash

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The Woven Mini Tubs S/3 NatWash can be used in the bedroom in storing dirty laundry pending the time they are to be washed. It would also be useful even in the laundry room as it can be used to temporarily store clothes that have been washed and air dried.

Cleverly handcrafted in a shapely form through the use and calculated combination of 100% organic straw which forms 95% of the tub's mass with durable, long lasting metal material which forms 5% of the tub. Each tub has its frame held up by the metal while the straw is artfully woven around it. This product is a set which consists of three tubs all having the same design but differing in sizes. It consists of a small size measuring 9 centimetres in height, a medium size measuring 11 centimetres in height and a large size measuring 13 centimetres in height.

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