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Placemat Shell natural

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The deep beige colour looks beautiful when seen against the backdrop of the natural golden beige of the maize fibre. This round placemat has been fabricated from completely natural fibres and even the binding of the entire piece has been done with threads created from fibre. The shells along the edges are also all natural. A subtle means to bring in beautiful seaside and nature-based flair to your setting.

The maize fibre itself possesses lightweight quality that makes it immensely useful in terms of every day regular usage-who wants mats that are bulky and difficult to clean. Here is one that looks cool in its most natural of beige tones and the shells along the outer edge simply adds that stylish highlight to its looks. Create a set that you could use each day or keep them handy for those occasions that are special and need bit of doing up of the look of your setting, will combine beautifully with all kinds of crockery and cutlery. Its 39 cm in diameter and thus will fit under most plate sizes. They are easy to clean too as the fibre is tenacious and will not lose its fresh appeal even after much usage-simply dust off crumbs and wipe with a damp cloth to take off any sort of stain.

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