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Parwana - Recipes and stories from an Afghan kitchen

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Recipes have been in the family for generations. Some are celebratory special dishes while most are day to day dishes. Each has a story to tell.

With beautiful food and location photography, this compilation offers valuable insights into the origins and heritage of Afghan cuisine and a fresh perspective to one of the oldest civilizations.

  •  Authentic recipes from an Afghan kitchen.
  •  Inspiration and ideas for special and everyday dishes, combined with stories about the ritual and significance of Afghan ingredients and recipes.
  • A vivid and enriching story about how food connects people and communities, showing how food anchors us to our ancestry and can also be a bridge that connects us to people with very different experiences of life.
  • With more than 65 million refugees, asylum seekers or displaced people worldwide, there is a poignant universality in this story, regardless of where in the world the story starts and ends.
  • Approximately 100 recipes that have been in the family for generations, especially adapted for the home cook.
  • Include rice dishes, curries, meats, dumplings, Afghan pastas, sweets, drinks, chutneys and pickles, soups and breads.
  • Breathtakingly beautiful food photography and family photos.

Parwana tells one family’s story of a region long afflicted by war, but with much more at its heart.

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