Frills and Boon Dress

Frills and Boon Dress

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Fun, floaty, flowy, frill - Four F's that descibe the stunning Frills and Boon Dress from Foil! Look smart and upbeat in this long length, sleeveless dress that comes in a beautiful pattern of gemstone shape detailing on a marble background. This dress is a flattering shape because of its pleated flow style, waistline stitching and high hem stitching. As a sweet little finishing detail this dress features a small chest opening. Wear this dress how it is or with a top underneath! 


  • Long length
  • Sleeveless 
  • Frill edging 
  • Pleated style
  • gemstone shape detailing on a marble background pattern
  • Flattering shape - waistline stitching and high hem stitching
  • small chest opening

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