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Bamboo Planter natural



PLEASE NOTE: The construction process of this item requires firing of the bamboo to allow for malleability and shaping. Some parts of the bamboo may be black due to this common firing practice.


The Bamboo Planter S/2 Natural is a lovely set of natural planter pots with an unconventionally stylish decorative appeal. Cleverly crafted through the use of carefully selected, 100% natural bamboo material, it is made as a set which consists of two differently sized planter, but both of which share similarity in design. It is composed of a large sized planter and another smaller sized planter.

Perfect for use in both interior and exterior settings, the Bamboo Planter S/2 Natural is a uniquely appealing set of planter you really should place your order for right now and not postpose as we have very limited stock available and an increasingly popular demand for it. It features a large sized planter that is made in a dimension which measures 39.5 centimetres in length and width and stands at 44 centimetres in height. The smaller sized version measures 34 centimetres in length and width with and stands at 31 centimetres in height. Both planters are supported by four sturdy stands.






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Category: garden, homeware

Type: homeware

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