Vigorella Fashion 

Made in Australia, this beautiful clothing range means layers of softness and comfort...

There are many ways to layer this clothing to reflect your personality and Vigorella allows you to select from the classic, the timeless and  innovative each season, to create what works best for you and your lifestyle

The one size fits all nature of Vigorella means each individual piece of clothing looks different on each shape as the fabric stretches and moulds itself around you.  We have found that our "one size" range is comfortable for people sized 8-12 and the L for Lovely Size is comfortable for women size 12-14 though as a size 16-18 quite a few pieces are suitable for my shape as well. 

If you have any questions in regard to fit or styling we are more than happy to help you out and we would love hear from you.  Contact us at or facebook


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